The Social Leadership Handbook: launching today!

Julian Stodd's Learning Blog

Forgive me for writing a post that’s neither reflective nor necessarily relevant to anyone else, but today sees the publication of “The Social Leadership Handbook” and it’s a proud day. The culmination of over a year’s writing, this is my first ‘proper‘ hardback book (‘proper‘ meaning it feels more real than a digital one. I still hang onto the old ways apparently…).

The Social Leadership Handbook Introduction Page

I spend my time charting the evolution of the Social Age: a time when change is constant, facilitated by technology and survived in communities. The nature of work is changing and organisations or individuals have to be agile to survive and thrive. My work takes me from the ways we learn (both social and mobile learning) through to culture (how it’s formed and adapts to change) and even into creativity and innovation (the ways we co-create meaning and discover…

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