Social Learning: Global Reach

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As i sit at the airport, contemplating a long night ahead, i’m struck by the connections that reach out from here. On friday i’m running a Masterclass in Singapore, but already i’m connected to participants: sharing stories, building bonds, tweaking the design. To spend time together will be great, but our community, fledgling as it is, already helps me to learn.

Social Learning - Global Reach Our Social Learning Communities reach around the globe, connecting us in ‘sense making‘ spaces. Effortlessly.

Social Technology, effortlessly connected, effortlessly connecting, is powering the Social Age. Agility gained through the ability to curate, share and ‘sense make‘ within our communities. On our terms.

Organisations can be part of the conversation, but they don’t own it: it’s co-created with the community and stronger for it.

Which is why the first instinct of organisations, to procure technology, may be exactly not what’s needed. Instead…

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