Pick Your POV

I agree with letting each person develop their own style.

Florida Writers Conference Blog

By CP Bialois

CP Author Photo

“The most common mistake newbie writers make is to head hop.”

How many times have we heard this? A handful? A dozen? A hundred? Yet each time it’s preached like the writing gospel. I guess the best way to answer it is with another question: What is head hopping? Head hopping is having multiple POVs (Points of View) in the same paragraph. That’s it. It’s as simple as that.

Okay, okay, so, you’re wondering what’s my thinking behind this post, right? Well, in a nut shell… Third Person POV. That’s right. Today I figured I’d talk a little about a couple of the different POVs we use as writers.

Whenever we decide to sit down and write one of two things happen. Either we begin with our usual style or we take on the character of the story. I admit, I fall into the latter more times than not. It’s…

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