Carpe Diem: the Elusive Nature of Time

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It’s stolen, wasted, invested or gifted, but, one way or another, it keeps ticking by. People often ask me where i find the time to write: it’s simple, i find it by not spending it elsewhere. And i try to spend it on writing before i do anything else (unsuccessfully today as i’m writing at the end of a busy day, a day where i’ve let time be stolen).


We shouldn’t just think of time as stolen or wasted: we can gift time: to others, supporting, nurturing and helping, or to ourselves, allowing ourselves time to read, to relax, to sleep or to learn. And we can gift it to society by volunteering. Similarly, we invest it in living: celebrating and entertaining, but also in the health of our communities as well as in learning.

Our time is stolen by processes, systems, technologies and people: inefficiency in design is…

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