Train Your Competitors

This is a theory that sometimes gets into practice.

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it struck me as soon as Marc said it: an accusation levelled to him on the success of his training efforts. “Aren’t you just training your competitors?

Compete or Collaborate?

The accuser was right to ask, but wrong in the foundation of their question. Right that you are training them, but wrong to think it’s for the competition. Training people to be excellent may help them to get an excellent job, but before they leave, you have the benefit of their expertise, as they learn, you get the benefit of their shared wisdom, and once they eventually move on, they remain in your community and you get the benefit of hearing what else they are learning and what you may learn from that. In other words: it’s an investment. And it’s the right thing to do.

If we don’t strive for excellence, what are we striving for? Instead of…

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