Not Art Nor Science

I’d like to add a Bravo! Well put.

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Science lets us see better: we can see ever deeper the inner workings of the brain, we can image and visualize, scan and probe. We are mapping the functional areas and the interrelationships between them and, as we do so, developing new language to describe it, new and deeper understanding. And therein lies the trap.

Neuro: not art nor science

We are creatures, not mechanisms: understanding the circuitry will not explain the thing. Reductionist approaches will let us document and measure, but we cannot flip them around and assume that this understanding will construct new approaches to learning, new approaches to performance. The brain is complex and plastic, adaptable and glorious.

Don’t misunderstand: neurology will inform us. It will led us understand learning, understand actions, understand how things work. But that knowledge alone will not let us control, predict or determine. It will inform us.

We are complex creatures, interacting in multivariate, evolving and…

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