Her Body

Shimmering dust to maiden form

and glimmers before my eyes

lust, latent a moment ago, now kilned in heats consent

 skin toned, body alone, no adorn required now


Blue , Green, matters not

Those eyes that weigh with stare

Soon turn reveals bodacious plot

As satin falls to floor


Keratin flows over shoulder and breast

 close enough to bare

reveals, enlightens my interest

Time, dwindles in moments spare


Gaze and keratin wrap our world

of lovers, love and bare

Caress as one together

 Eternity’s only ware

Artemis J Jones


    The Argument

Time, Time, Time, Again

Rehash your stupid crap

My crap, your shit, as our lies beheld

 The grandeur for my tears


Arms swing extended, with fists of rage

And there are sirens to be heard

My life, your time, all held with fear, stress to doors emerge

 Released, but for moment now, a willow in a cage


Fallow rage befalls me now

Cast out my faith and love

Return to me on sun filled day

Supremacy from above


The neutral powers enter fast

And warns of blows to stop

When last you swing and miss your mark

As threats for sure will drop


Will of restraint, now holds you fast

And down you go with me

I ask, you beg, I cry, you spit, forever waters mark

                                                                            Face to floor, I turn towards door, forsaken the rains create


                                                                                                       A play behind, a sorrow, now

                                                                                                          More empathy and wallow

Last time was me, they led away

In shame and shackles callow


To scream outside for none to hear

A worthless soul proclaims

The triumph of a rotting soul

To be washed out in the rain


I rise as before, but different now

My bag is at the door

Check ticket, exit, walk through rain, soon sun appears to bless

My rotted soul now fertile for

The seeds to life’s behest

Artemis J Jones


4/2014    (C) 2014




When last we are to see your life

As colors not yet bloomed

We are forever for your strife

In doors unopened doom


We struggle with your lose today

And wander through our haze

From places near and far away

Some joy- some hope- some gaze


Awake be here and laugh a loud

We want it to be true

To see again your days of joy and know forever proud

Of those who last remain in days forever blue


You left at different times we know

And not were you alone, for others sure to follow

We miss you now for what we know

And your dreams that we must follow



© 2014

Artemis J Jones





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